Rewriting GetIt

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Rewrite of GetIt from GTK to Qt

As of right now GetIt is undergoing a massive rewrite to make the application more stable and testable. This means that the branch you’re currently watching (main) most likely contains a broken build. If you need a working copy of GetIt please checkout the main_old or master branches of the GetIt github repo.

The current state of GetIt is that the core functionality is done, thus meaning that it’s able to send a request and receive the response. This is however only possible by using the classes directly (in other words, you need to modify the code yourself). The UI is another hurdle that I’m trying to tackle in the best possible way, meaning that I want to decouple the UI logic from the UI to make it testable. As of right now I’ve no exact idea of how I want (or going) to accomplish this. So please check back in a couple of weeks to view the progress!