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Releasing Upset

Releasing Upset
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  • Introduction

    In the last couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of a rough patch with my work laptop. Which lead me to installing it over and over again.

    The last time I had to get my laptop fixed by reinstalling Windows, I had this idea of creating an application which would do all the setup for me. But since it’s a Windows laptop that would lead to me having to write a Powershell script. Well, me being me, I didn’t really like that idea and I wanted to experiment in Rust a little bit anyway. So I decided to create a Rust CLI application which would set up any computer using a yaml-configuration file.

    And the name, as you might have guessed, is Upset. The reason behind this name is pretty clear, I was really upset with having to install my computer again (for the second time that day), and it’s an anagram for set up which I find pretty funny.


    We’ll Upset isn’t quite finished yet, there are still some features I’d like to implement in the upcoming future.

    • Add an extra required option to validate the required commands
      • In such a way, that if you configure Git as your VCS, it won’t clone anything because it knows Git is not installed
    • A method to copy files
    • Set up an automatic pipeline to build an executable for each platform


    If you’re an open source fanatic as well, and love to digg a little into Rust I’d like to invite you to contribte to Upset. This can either be trough code-reviews, adding a feature you’d like or even just submitting issues you’ve noticed.