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Plural string resource in your Android app

When your app supports multiple languages using the string resources, it's pretty assumable that at some point you'll be needing a string that is different for multiple amounts. In this blogpost we'll be discussing the solution on how to achieve this.

Automatically testing the UI of your Android app

During your development phase, you'd like everything that can be automated to be automated. This also goes for your UI testing, you can either click through the UI yourself, our let the test runner do that for you.

Enable UI preview in Android Studio

When developing an Android app, you're likely to iterate through multiple UIs. When going through this process you don't want to build and run your app every iteration, for this you can use previews in Android Studio.

Support multiple languages in your app

The user base for your application includes multiple nationalities, so why don't you update your app to allow for multiple languages?

Set up Material Design with Jetpack Compose

You've just set up Jetpack Compose, and now you want to make your app look like a native Android app. This is just as simple as setting up Material Design and updating your UI components.

Set up View Models with Jetpack Compose

You've just set up Jetpack Compose, but how do you properly separate the UI from the business logic? This is were Android has you covered with View Models.