Open Source Applications

The source code for all these applications is available on GitHub. Hover over each application to see it‘s GitHub link.

GetIt - Open Source HTTP Client


GetIt is a simple to use open source HTTP client

Backing - Open Source backend mocking tool


Simply setup a uri and you're able to mock multiple HTTP methods. For each mocked method you're able to set the status code, headers and ofcourse the body. All requests will be logged to the output at the bottom of the screen so you can easily detect if your front-end is sending data to the expected back-end.

APA Generator - Open Source APA Generator

APA Generator

APA Generator is a small configurable utility to generate APA sources for your reports

Simple Convert - Open Source Media File Converter

Simple Convert

Simple Convert is a small application to convert multiple filetypes to another file type

Advanced Metronome - Open Source Metronome

Advanced Metronome

Advanced Metronome is a small application in which you can set multiple measures with their own speed, time-signature and number of repeats. This gives you the ability to practice songs that have multiple speeds and/or time-signatures.

Hash Generator - Open Source tool to generate different kind of hashes

Hash Generator

Hash Generator is a small application to generate multiple hashes from any input string you give it. The code is designed to easily add new hashing algorithms so if you're missing anything feel free to open a pull-request or create an issue.