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Releasing It Depends

Gat a grip on the versions of the dependencies your using by visualizing a generated CycloneDX SBOM file.

Software Bill of Materials

As a software developer it's important to keep your software safe and up-to-date, but can you rest assured that your dependencies are safe and up-to-date as well?

Advent of Code 2022, Day six - Part Two

Get the first character after the start of packet marker from the stream.

Backpacking Pieterpad

The Pieterpad is one the most well known long distance trails of the Netherlands. It spans the entire length of the country from the far south all the way to the north.

Advent of Code 2022, Day six - Part One

Find the start of packet marker in the data stream.

Backpacking introduction

Since it's almost summer time in the Netherlands, it's time to plan the summer vacation. This year it's going to be backpacking in Sweden.