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Backpacking Pieterpad - Venlo to Swolgen

Because our trip to Sweden was cut short, we decided to start walking the Pieterpad for two weeks. Our first leg in those two weeks was Venlo to Swolgen.

C# 12 updates - Collection expressions

C# 12 finally introduces some new syntactical suger that I'm eager to use in production because it improves the readability of the code.

Backpacking Pieterpad - Sittard to Roermond

We've walked the first leg of the Pieterpad in April, in the Netherlands around this time of the year there's still a reasonable chance that it might freeze at night.

C# 12 updates - Default lambda parameters

In C# 12, Microsoft has added the ability to specify default values for your lambda parameters.

Backpacking Sweden

Last summer my girlfriend and I decided to go backpacking in the wilderness of Sweden for three weeks. But because of Hans, this turned out in one night and one day.

C# 12 updates - ref readonly

In C# 12, Microsoft has added the ref readonly parameter modifier.