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Set up Jetpack Compose

In Android development, the new standard for building UI's is Jetpack Compose. But how do you actually set it up for your application?

Create an Android app

Have you ever wanted to build your own Android app? We'll in this story we're going to dive straight into the details on how to do this!

Install Oh My Posh on Windows

Install Oh My Posh on Windows to customize your Powershell.

Change the executable bit of file on Windows without WSL

When using Linux pipelines in your development process, it might happen that you need to execute a script. However, sometimes these scripts don't have the right permissions to be executed.

Backpacking Pieterpad - Swolgen to Vierlingsbeek

The second leg of our Pieterpad vacation will take us to another province. All the way from Swolgen to Vierlingsbeek.

Copy to clipboard using vim bindings in Intellij

Copy the contents of the yank operation from vim to your clipboard when using any Intellij IDE.